Welcome to our store

Welcome to the Ark in the Park T-shirt shop! For our 15th Anniversary we have selected several shirts, for men and women, with our beautiful kereru logo. Even better you can mix and match styles, colours and logo format! If you would like to buy a T shirt, first select the style shirt you like, then choose the colour: the printers adapt the logo to look its best on each colour.

And if you feel bold, go for the shirt with the mega logo! Or instill our values into your (grand)children with a cute baby one piece.

Please note this is not a fundraiser, the prices shown are the real costs: sustainably made and locally printed.

Have fun!

P.S. If you want to pick up your shirt at the printers, PrintPoppa at 10/28 Moselle Ave, Henderson, fill in the address fields, select postage and in the “notes” field at the end say: “I will pick it up”. Postage will be refunded at the desk.